Our Services

Public Affairs

Shaping positions, steering strategies

EU Strategy supports clients by guiding them through the complex approval process for any given piece of European legislation or regulatory proposal. We help our clients to shape positions and arguments. 

Awareness-raising and outreach

  • Fostering and developing lines of communication between the principle institutions and agencies of interest through EU Strategy’s extensive network.
  • Building trusting and lasting relationships with policy-makers by pursuing a strategy of constructive engagement.
  • Organising Brussels-based meetings and events to raise client profile.


  • Instrumentalising our extensive network formal and informal contacts within the EU institutions to build constructive dialogues.
  • Nurturing stakeholder relationships to create two-way collaboration.
  • Intelligence gathering through our ‘on-the-ground’ approach to keep you in the loop and up to speed on EU political and legislative developments.

Advocacy and Strategic Advice

  • Providing you with a comprehensive roadmap of all policy areas, legislation, stakeholders, agencies and personnel of relevance.
  • Aiding in defining positions on key policy issues, organising and participating in dialogue with decision-makers and stakeholders and providing comprehensive debriefings.
  • Advising on positioning with regard to evolving political landscape as new political initiatives are released, with regular contact to align our daily activities with your priority concerns.

Our other Services