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Decade of experience

EU Strategy is a boutique Public Affairs consultancy. Founded in 2009 by Managing Director Andrea Parola, we have had the opportunity to work with a continuously expanding portfolio of high-profile clients, handling complex files and successfully raising the profile of our partners.

Since our founding we have established our services focusing on three pillars: Public Affairs, Strategic Consultancy and Association Management. No matter what your public policy needs might be, we have you covered. Providing high-quality services with a tailored, personal approach is what forms the core of our values. We want to get to know you and your organisation inside out, so we can adapt the experience specifically to your needs.

« We aim to help you drive your Public Affairs strategy by explaining the work of the EU institutions, unravelling nuances always with the goal of your interests as our compass. »

Andrea Parola

about us

we are

Experts in the European political sphere

Our ever-growing team of highly motivated professionals represents decades worth of expertise in the field of European public affairs. The broad skillset of our experts makes them the ideal partners to help protect your interests in the European political sphere.

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Our 2022 Team

  • Managing Director
    Andrea Parola
  • Senior Director
    Maria Boka
  • Senior Director
    Peter Lengyel
  • Director
    Florian Steuerer
  • Director
    Adriana Fraga
  • Senior Public Affairs Manager
    Anthi Akritidou
  • Public Affairs Manager
    Domantas Lasiauskas
  • Public Affairs Manager
    Aliz Maletics
  • Public Affairs Manager
    Kate Murphy
  • Communication Manager
    Francesco Forti

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Interested in finding out how we can amplify your voice in the European political arena?

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