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Association, Management

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We manage many different associations for multiple clients. Whether you need a partner to manage the day-to-day operations or are in need for someone to maintain tailor-made websites and social media accounts, our team can do it.

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our 3 steps

  • Day-to-day operation

    We can provide you with headquarters to operate from in the heart of Europe, right in the centre of the European quarter. As part of this services package, we also take up the executive, administrative and financial management of the association.

  • Communication services

    We can provide any communications service you might need. We can develop tailor-made websites or social media accounts, or alternatively we can take control of your existing channels. We then keep these channels up to date and create regular content tailored to the audiences you are trying to reach.

  • Strategic support

    In terms of strategic support, we help you with advocating the positions of the associations’ members and we will help expand the influence of the association. Our consultants also attend key events, acting as your representatives.

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